What's the Co-Founders story?

Core Business Network's origins trace back to the efforts of Mr. Anantha Reddy and T T Reddy, who quickly welcomed additional founding members, culminating in the formation of a society dedicated to aiding Reddy entrepreneurs in business promotion and community assistance.

The acronym 'Core' signifies 'Commerce Oriented Business Entrepreneurs,' and membership requires qualification by the Core's Membership Committee.

Core is a non-profit organization, it currently boasts nine founding members. Presently, Mr. Alwala Devender Reddy presides as President, with Bindu Reddy Kunati as Vice President, and Venkata Narasimha Reddy as Secretary-Treasurer for the current Akash chapter.

Alwala Devender Reddy

Founder & President

Bindu Madhavi Kunati

Founder & Vice President

Katkoori Venkata Narsimha Reddy

Founder & secretary Treasurer

TT Reddy

Founding Member

Anantha Reddy

Founding Member

Satish Reddy

Founding Member

Chakravarthi Reddy

Founding Member

Vennapusa Pavan Kumar Reddy

Founding Member

Sudheer Reddy

Founding Member